Dinner at the Clark’s

Watching the prep was as much fun as the meal

Watching the prep was as much fun as the meal

Last Sunday, the 21st, we were invited to Jeff and Annette’s for Dinner. Jeff and Annette are two very special friends whom we have known a long time. Jeff is a fantastic self taught amateur chef (I use amateur only because he does not do this for pay) who is known for his variety and absolutely delicious meals. If you want see what he can do, visit his website at Jefferyclark.net. Back to my story, we arrived at the Clark home around 5 PM and I brought a couple wines from my modest collection (that is another story). Jeff started the evening with a homemade minestrone soup that was as good as a minestrone can get. We all commented on not only the nicely balanced blend of flavors, but the great consistency of texture. It turns out he had recently adjusted the recipe to make all the cut portions of similar size just to address the texture. This is a secret to cooking that I find is too often underappreciated by chefs. We broke open a bottle of Michel-Schlumberger Pinot Blanc to complement this already wonderful soup. For the main course, Jeff produced a nice cut of meat and proceeded to custom cut our filet mignon steaks right in front of us. With our mouths watering, Jeff covered them in crushed black pepper and then pan seared the steaks. When cooked, Jeff removed the steaks and deglazed the pan with flaming brandy(another great show!) and created a sauce with garlic and cream. These perfectly cooked steaks were then plated and covered with the sauce. As sides, Jeff added a cauliflower mash seasoned with garlic while his daughter, Nicky, sauted asparagus in a garlic infused olive oil. We all rinsed it down with a mild but fruity Valley View Cabernet Sauvignon from Oregon. To top it all off, we enjoyed Jeff’s famous(to his friends and family) chocolate chip biscotti. We are talking a meal as good as found at any good restaurant. An absolutely great way to end a long week and get ready for the beginning of the next. As usual, I look forward to an invite to his next show!!!!


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