A Day in a Family Portrait

After a day of shooting

This summer, my mother said she wanted a family portrait.  The whole family was in town and we had not taken any pictures with the children in years, so why not!  My sister’s family, our parents and my family all got together one morning at Eisenhower Park in Orange for a fun time.  It was not the sunniest day but we had two very nice cameras and went to work once everyone showed up.  Ok, my sister was a little late, but what the heck, it takes a long time to put on all that make-up.  We began the shoot with my mother’s encouraging direction.  As you can see from the pictures, The Family Shoot, there were many, many shots taken.  My mother was very helpful in suggesting the absolute best spots and positions.  Most are not posted but you can see from the ones on the link that the day seemed to go on and on and on and on.  The kids had a great time and had to be brought back to the shoot more than once.  Heck, even the photographers got distracted and seemed to be having more fun shooting the casual shots than the portraits.  By the end, as you could imagine, and see from the picture above, we were ready for the end.  We all got back together to review the pictures and ended up with a great family portrait that is currently hanging in my folk’s house, a fantastic bound book designed by my wife (also at my mom’s) and a few great photo albums for everybody.  And perhaps most important, were all the fun memories of trying to get all those people to focus on one thing long enough to take a picture.  It’s what being a family is all about!  Although I think we will wait until there are a bunch of great grandchildren before we do this again.

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