Juniors Continues to Amaze Me

I hope he can stop the ball

I hope he can stop the ball

Fall Ball Juniors game on Saturday, I had the plate.  Bases loaded, two outs, dropped 3rd strike.  Both defense and offense leave the field…..Out stands, next inning.  I mentioned to the offense coach that it was a dropped 3rd strike and he just looked at me in confusion.  I explained the rule and later he told his kids to run on all dropped third strikes and let the umpires figure it out later.  He was just trying to do good, not the kind of guy to cause trouble, but there are better ways to learn the rules…..Classic Juniors with fall ball thrown in to make it more interesting.  On the positive side, I got to do the game with my umpire partner Bob.  He has been doing games over 20 years and is not only a good umpire but a great person to know.  The coaches were great people with the right attitudes.  It spread down to the players who were a joy.  Catchers were friendly and talkative during the game, having fun with all the mistakes.  Great way to spend a Saturday morning.  Best memory of the game: was a breaking ball with two strikes that was way high and just at the end broke down through the strike zone.  Before I could signal anything, the batter looked up at me after following the ball through to the catcher’s glove (with the bat still on his shoulder) and said “oh s…”, and walked back to the dugout.  I almost fell over laughing.  It’s always good to give a little back.

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