Celebrating My Aunt’s Birthday, An Ode To An Octogenarian

Whoa, Now that's a good lookin babe
Now that’s a good lookin woman

On Sunday, October 5th, a bunch of close friends and family gathered together at the FoxFire Restaurant for the celebration of my aunt Mary’s 80th birthday.  This was an event worth remembering.  We gave my aunt (Eha for those of us who know her well), a roast worth remembering.  We followed her life from the really early days, to the rememberings of a pre-teen nephew, to the rich memories of her wonderful, son, friends, sister and life in general.  My aunt has truly led the life from which movies are made.  She has hobnobbed with the rich and famous, traveled around the world,  met interestng people and still maintained the closeness to family that makes it all worth it.  Just a few pictures of the celebration are offered here at EHA, by my photographer wife, Mary.  Enjoy the various shots and pretend you were there.  Many of us, including her son, sister and friends took turns providing our most precious memories of our times with a great person.  We even took the opportunity to explain the origin of my aunt’s real name, EHA, the best verbal efforts by her first nephew trying to vocalize Thea (aunt in Greek).   I cannot recommend more the FoxFire Restaurant,  the sunday buffet was loaded with selection and the food was delicious.  The service was friendly and attentive making the day that much more special for my aunt.  This was a day that brought back the happy memories of youth created by a woman that has always been part of my life.  I cannot remember a holiday or special time that my aunt did not attend.  Eha, thanks for helping me become who I am today and letting me share in your special day.  What would we do without family…..

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