The People You Meet – aka, I pulled a Bob!!!


Mary, Mary, Nick, Jack and Kim....We pulled a "Bob"

Mary, Mary, Nick, Jack and Kim....We pulled a "Bob"

Mary and I are lucky to have some very near and dear friends.  One of those, at the top of this list, is Bob.  Bob is one of those rare individuals who has the knack of truly connecting with people.  He will strike up a conversation with anyone and within a few minutes has become their friend.  We joke with Bob that it is easier for him to tell us who he doesn’t know rather than who he does because it is a shorter list.  Well, to get on with my story.  Mary and I were at one of our favorite spots, the outdoor bar at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite, one afternoon having drinks and appetizers. There were no available tables when this man, his wife with their adult daughter came walking through looking for a table.  They looked like nice, friendly people and there was an open chair at our table with two chairs at the table next to us.  I decided to “pull a Bob” (as we often refer to his practice), and motioned for them to join us.  As luck would have it, they accepted.  It turns out, the father was retired from the military and was stationed in Germany, (coincidence?),  their daughter was named Kim, (another coincidence?) and his wife was named Mary (yet another coincidence?).  But he was named Jack, which was ok!.  We then went on to spend the next hour or so talking Germany, children, military, retirement, travels, etc.  It turns out Kim lives in San Francisco near Fort Mason and knows about the ZAP conference.  We may have even talked her into joining us for the food and wine pairing during the conference.  She has some interesting memories of her people watching after the Saturday event ends.  The conversation probably would still be going if they didn’t have to head back to S.F. and we did not have to check into our hotel.  We had an absolutely wonderful time in not only adding to people we have met, but with what we learned from the experience.  And we did this at a place that is special to both Mary and me.  Maybe Bob has something there!   Another one of life’s lessons has creeped in again……Go for it, you never know who you will meet?


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