Wine and food dinner, Laguna Culinary Arts & Tablas Creek Winery

The menu for the night
The menu for the night

Our good friends, Jeff and Annette are BIG fans of the Tablas Creek Winery.  In addition, Jeff and I have taken a few culinary classes at  Laguna Culinary Arts.  So, when he saw that the they were going to have a food and wine pairing dinner featuring the culinary skills of Laguna’s Executive Chef Laurent Brazler and the fine wines of Tablas Creek, Jeff just had to go.  To top it off, since it was my birthday weekend, he made it a gift.  So, on Saturday, Jeff, Annette, Mary and I went off for what turned out to be a memorable wine and food pairing.  The Culinary Arts kitchen is located in the beautiful Laguna Canyon.  The national sales manager, Tommy, from Tablas Creek was there to greet and educate us on the wines of the evening.  The executive chef Laurent spoke to us between every course making our mouths water in anticipation.  This had to be be one of the best food and wine parings we have ever attended.  The food from Chef Laurent was well constructed.  His delicate sauces accented the main element of each dish yet allowed to taste of that main element to come through.  It is a special form of cooking that is hard to achieve.  The pairing with Tablas Creek’s Rhone style wines was done such that both the wines and food shown well.  Although all the dishes were well received and wonderful, most of us kept talking about the Black Mussel soup.  A great creamed puree that was both delicate and flavorful at the same time.  In all fairness however, all the courses and pairing were favorites to someone that night.  The wines were typical of Tablas Creek, well developed and even though young, paired well and gave a glimpse to how great they will be in a few years after some more aging.  These wines are noted for aging well for years.  We all walked away from the evening very impressed and are committed to checking out the next offering.  Chef Laurent gave us a magnificent dinner worthy of any fine restaurant and developed the dishes to take the most advantage of the high quality Tablas Creek Wines.  We are even bigger fans of both now than before the event.  What a great birthday present. 


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