Santa on a Break

Just saw Santa incognito at Disneyland having breakfast on Main Street. Even Santa needs some down time b4 xmas.   I happened to see Santa having breakfast on Main Street in Disneyland a couple weeks before Christmas.  I guess even he needs a little rest time before the 24th.  What a great find!


Munch’s trip to Disneyland on Dad’s Birthday

Juat a cute Munchkin

Just a cute Munchkin

A new friend has started joining us on our journey’s.  Her name is Munch and she is special for two reasons.  First,  our daughter’s favorite animal is an Okapi.  She saw one at the SD Animal Park and it just so happens our new travel friend is an Okapi.  Second, when Kim was a toddler, her Grandma Waldau once affectionately called her a “munchkin” .  It stuck and became her nickname.  In her early teens, she said she was too old to be called Munchkin, but after some thought said I could still call her “Munch” if I wanted.  Well, many years later and here we are…a stuffed Okapi called Munch who travels with us on our special trips.  Enjoy Munch’s journeys……

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Credit for this idea came from a friend’s blog, Scent Weakly, Check it out.

Breakfast With Living History at Disneyland, Oscar Martinez

Me and a living legend, Oscar, at Disneyland
Me and a living legend, Oscar, at Disneyland

I had the day off today and decided to go to Disneyland for breakfast.  The morning started off wrong with my favorite place, Cafe Orleans, no longer serving breakfast as of September 2nd.  The next choice was the Riverbell Terrace, next door, but they remodeled it a year or two ago and made it very “fast food” like.  It is no longer a place to go for a relaxing morning breakfast.  To top it off,  Disney decided not to allow coffee refills there.    How do you enjoy a breakfast on only one cup of coffee?  By now I am almost to the point of deciding to leave the park and go elsewhere.  While walking down main street,  I came to the Carnation Cafe and decided to go in.  The cafe is midway down main street and is a great place to enjoy the atmosphere Disney displays during the holidays. It is also a good place to just enjoy watching people.  I had a small two seat table about midway back near the fence.  The menu was simple with a few items.  I usually have “Oscar’s” Breakfast of scrambled eggs, potatos and bacon but decided this morning to have the eggs benedict.  I took a paper with me and was enjoying my coffee while reading the days events when a man came up and started chatting about the fires in the news.  I looked up and it was Oscar,(see the picture above).  Oscar is a living legend around the park.  Heck, he even has a breakfast dish named after him on the menu.  He has been working there for 52 years!!.  Quite an accomplishment for anyone.  He is a walking history book and somewhat of a fixture at the park.  You will often see him in the mornings at the cafe, in his spotless chef’s outfit, walking around the tables chatting with the guests.  If you ask, the waiters will happily go find him for you.  Get him talking about the old days…..What a perk to going to Disneyland.   There are not that many of the old guard still at the park let alone working where they are readily accessable to the guests.   While all this was happening, a young family of four sat down next to me.  It turns out they live in the Portland, Oregon area and come down frequently to visit Disneyland.  This trip included the husband, wife, young son and grandfather.  They were celebrating the wife’s 40th birthday and the husband had set this up as a gift.  However, they all love Disneyland and I think they just needed a reason to come on down.  We talked about family, Kim’s overseas journey, and the joys of being able to come to Disneyland any time you want when you live in Orange County.  It turns out the husband, Boyd, does freelance video and has set up some great stuff.  Check out Globe Trekker and watch a great parody, that includes family, and learn about adventure land at the same time.  All in all, what started as a disappointing morning, ended up with a new adventure that beat anything I was expecting, if Cafe Orleans had still been serving…..I guess if life teaches you anything, it is that you need to be open to whats around you, life just happens….What a blast.