In the Shadow of Greatness, Miramar Airshow, 2008

The Heritage Flight; P51 Mustang, F16 Fghting Falcon and F22 Raptor

Giving a hand.

Always willing to give a hand

I attended my very first Airshow on Saturday, October 4th.  I wish I had found out how great they were before this.  Our good friends, Dave and Danni put this together with another pair of incredible friends, Bob and Edie.  Danni also convinced us to purchase the premium box seats.  I am telling you, if you go try out these seats.  We were front-row on the edge of the tarmac with chairs, tables, shade, lunch and drinks all included.  First class all the way.  The show started around 9 AM and we did not leave until after dark.  Be aware, they have high security and all bags are inspected at the entrance.  It took an hour just to get in (no complaints, just to advise)  The show included vintage planes, the jets currently in use, helicopters, a mock attack with ground and air support, and a visit by the Blue Angels.  It is absolutely amazing what these planes can do.  The Heritage Flight, in the picture, is a special flight bringing together three different eras at the same time.  It is quite moving.  We had a demonstration of the new super F18 Hornet that boggled the mind.  Right after that, the new F22 Raptor took the sky and is such a leap in technology that the new F18 looks slow and old.  The Raptor is an explosion in technology and knowing that we only saw a few minutes of what it can do, we are not even touching the surface of it’s capabilities.  The Blue Angels are what precision flying is all about.  All in all, Mary and I probably have about 500 pictures. Try this link, Miramar 2008 ( then click on the “Contents” line to see the whole collection), to see just a sampling.    If you go, walk around the many planes they have parked for view.  You can crawl around inside many and there is always someone around who can, with pride, talk about “their” plane and it’s history.  What is the best memory?  Being a Marine Air Station, the show was being staffed by Marines.  They directed traffic, ran checkpoints and just about everything else.  I had the opportunity to talk with a number of these young men and women.  They all, every one, displayed the professionalism and politeness associated with our military.  Most had already spent time in Iraq or Afghanistan and in some cases I found a few who had already completed three or more tours.  They all were proud and expressed the willingness to go again.  It was an absolute honor to shake their hands, and I shook a bunch.  My hats off to our men and women of the armed forces.  They do us all proud!